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Top videos of the week

Brian Mills is back with a very particular set of skills in Taken 2

Bill Murray’s Hall of Fame Speech.

Microsoft stay true to themselves as they introduce their Surface tablet and it fails !

hitting back at internet trolls – video of the week

A late find for video of the week. How do you deal with cowardice internet trolls? Well you create a music video making fun of them of course.

Airtime for Facebook

Airtime is the latest creation from Napster founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning.

In a nutshell its a Chatroulette for Facebook. Allowing you to video chat with your friends as well as people you don’t know but have similar interests (as listed on your profile). The Airtime tagline is “Create shared experiences with people you know, and people you want to know“.
The problem of course with Chatroulette was that there was little or no moderation between users. With Airtime they have strict rules on nudity and if a person is being ‘skipped’ a lot on the service then they will be flagged up by Airtime moderators. You can also rate people based on the conversations you have in order to raise the credibility of users which are using the tool as intended.

Here is their ‘About’ video:

In the following video Sean and Shawn discuss the idea behind Airtime and why they think this is exactly what they feel is missing from the internet :

Whether we need this new service as much as Parker claims remains to be seen..

Instagram by numbers

Nice infographic from Kiss Metrics visualising the growth and subsequent valuation of Instagram after its sale to Facebook. I don’t think Instagram was worth $1bn, but its a smart move from Facebook – whose growth was largely down to photo sharing. They have neutralised a rival photo sharing network.