Google Plus – A heads up

Continuing our playful assault on Google Plus, we came across a very handy and yet potentially socially suicidal feature….the ability to edit a comment you’ve previously made.

Our designer Craig and myself were engaged in a bit of Google Plus banter when the ability to edit a comment was discovered. Basically if you comment on something on a friends wall, and he/she then responds, you can then go back and edit your original comment to make their response look ridiculous.

What does this mean for brands…or celebs?

Essentially you could end up in a bit of hot water. You may respond to someone’s comment, and then if they go back and edit their original comment they could potentially cause some damage before you notice its changed.

In order to illustrate this please see the images below.

Normal conversation:

I go back and edit my comment to make Craig’s latest one redundant:

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