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Google+ Circles

Continuing our look into Google Plus and one feature which should be very popular is the ability to categorise your friends. On Facebook, when you post content it can be seen by all of your friends whereas on Google Plus you can choose what your content your friends see by categorising them.

How long before Facebook flick a few switches and install the same functionality?

A nice look at the Circles feature from Google:

Google+ and a grumpy Mark Zuckerberg

I’ve been playing around with Google’s new social network attempt this week – Google +. I have to say, so far I’ve found it quite refreshing. The layout is very clean and simple and your profile is well integrated in to many of Google’s other products and services. This I think is one of the key differentiators. When browsing Google and someone shares a link or comments on one of your photos, a little red notification will pop up in the top corner of the page – encouraging you to get back in to Google +. It’s a great way of keeping people interacting with the network.

Another potential winner for Google is for developers. Facebook takes a 30% for developers’ credit revenues – with Google’s revenue hitting $30bn a year they can afford to let developers take 100% of the profits.

Of course, as worried as Mark Zuckerberg may look below, he’s not letting Google take all the limelight – next week Facebook is apparently launching “something awesome“. I can only hope its an iPad app.

If you’re still unsure about Google + , the following video should clear things up nicely