Social Round-up

Twitter rolls out Picture Gallery

As of Monday 22nd August, Twitter has introduced user picture galleries. The galleries clearly display the tweeters most recent images from all supported external photo-sharing services, such as Twitpic, yFrog and Instagram. Will this update however, encourage users to upload more pictures using Twitter’s own photo sharing facilities?

Facebook removes Facebook Places

Just one year after its launch, Facebook is set to remove their check-in service from the mobile application and interface. Reports suggest that Facebook has decided to call it a day after being unable to compete with Foursquare. When Facebook Places first launched, it was assumed that this would result in a quick death for foursquare, however despite its launch, Foursquare still managed to rack up avid users,  which now has over ten million users worldwide, with three million check-ins being made each day. Now it appears that Facebook Places has seemingly become superfluous, after users interested in checking-in continue to flock to Foursquare. It is understood that the check-in service never really took off amongst Facebook’s users with only a small percentage using it on a regular basis.


Although users will no longer be able to check-in on the Facebook mobile app, it will be possible to add a place as part of a posts description.

Ticketmaster teams with Facebook

Ticketmaster has now collaborated with Facebook, enabling users to be able to sit with their friends at concerts. This very clever new feature allows Facebook users to connect their account, and view a seat map that shows exactly where their friends will be sitting at any desired event, denoted by Facebook friend flags, illustrated in this tutorial.

At present, this feature is now live for more than 9,000 events on the Ticketmaster and Live Nation sites. Albeit slightly creepy, the interactive seat map is designed to help Facebook users purchase tickets nearby their friends, along with sharing their seats with friends on Facebook, so that they do the same. A really nice way of socialising the concert-going experience!

The Sims becomes fastest growing Facebook game

It may not be angry birds, but the much loved Sims game is now become a favourite amongst Facebook users. According to reports, The Sims Social already has a whopping 4.6 million people playing it daily, making it the number 10 app on Facebook thus far. The doll-house-esque game requires users to create an avatar and a virtual life for their Sim. I think it is important to warn that this game can be extremely addictive and somewhat ebb your daily productivity. This is because, to keep your Sim alive and kicking it is essential that you tend to their everyday needs, such as feeding them, dressing them and even taking them to the bathroom.

Burberry launches new fragrance through Facebook

If you like past Burberry fragrances then you may be interested to know that by simply registering via a tab on the luxury brand’s Facebook page, you will be sent out a free exclusive sample. The word exclusive excites me, which is precisely why I have ordered a free sample myself!

Flowers from Facebook

This may just be a student project, but it certainly is the sweetest social media to real life transgression I’ve ever seen. Created as a student project at Miami Ad School, for Flowers-1800, Facebook fans can pay for a flower to be sent to their friend on their birthday, to be delivered on the same day! A really sweet and smart concept, check it out here:


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