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Facebook rioters sentenced to four years imprisonment

Two young men, Jordon Blackshaw (20) and Perry Stycliffe-Keenan (22) have been sentenced to four years in jail, the toughest sentence issued so far, after helping to organise riots on Facebook. Blackshaw unashamingly created an event on Facebook, called ‘Smash Down Northwich Town’, whilst Keenan similarly created a page on the social networking site entitled ‘Warington Riots’. As you can tell, subtlety clearly wasn’t on the forefront of their mind.

So, just HOW are the Facebook duo going to cope for four years without any access to their beloved social networking site?

Assistant Chief Constable Phil Thompson indicated the extent to which social networks can have a negative impact on society. He claimed : “The sentences passed down today recognise how technology can be abused to incite criminal activity and sends a strong message to potential troublemakers about the extent to which ordinary people value safety and order in their lives and their communities.”

Similarly, Prime minister David Cameron’s speech in the House of Commons last week also highlighted the detrimental use of social media in the riot fiasco. Presumably after listening to all the hearsay from the media blaming Twitter for fuelling London’s riots, Mr Cameron decided that drastic measures need to be taken. In his speech Cameron spoke about how the government would look into stopping people to communicate via social media sites. Cameron may have a point that these people using Facebook and Twitter for organising the riots should be stopped, however that does not mean that everyone should be banned from using social media sites altogether.  These violators will always find another way of communicating, deactivating their Facebook accounts, or shutting down Twitter isn’t exactly going to help the situation.


Facebook to stream FA cup Football game LIVE

Facebook has announced that the FA cup football opening match  between Ascot United and Wembley FC will be available for live streaming on Budweiser’s Facebook page ( this Friday (Aug 19th, Kick off 7:45)

Whilst this may not be most important or exciting game of the season, Facebook users have already shared their excitement for the new initiative, stating how it’s “finally a decent way to watch football for those of us living away from home”.

It is understood that the reason the match can be streamed via Facebook is that preliminary round FA Cup matches do not have broadcasting rights holders. Although at this stage it is unknown whether other FA cup games will be streaming on Facebook, this is still a big deal for Facebook and their ambitions to become a player in the media industry.


Sharing is caring

A nice recent example of a brand using social media to its rightful capacity comes from the Swedish super house that is IKEA. They have created a concept surrounding the social shopping experience, known as ‘the worlds most liked showroom’. This is a virtual showroom of all the most ‘liked’ furniture that they offer. The furniture that receives the most likes on Facebook has made it into a virtual showroom that showcases their popular collection. The best thing about it though, is that customers can actually gain specific social shopping discounts based on what people declare as the most popular products.


The more virtual friends you have, the lonelier you really are

According to recent reports, people with more than 150 Facebook friends suffer from anxiety problems, which according to reports is worse than smoking 12 cigs a day. In a recent study by psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University, it was discovered that the amount of “friends” you keep on Facebook may be linked to heightened feelings of anxiety and stress. Do you really think this is true?


Ebay now has a section for most ‘Liked’ and Retweeted items

The latest page to join the Ebay family draws out all the items that have got the most ‘social attention’. By this we mean the most ‘likes’ and shares on Facebook and Twitter.

This exciting new addition allows you to see what items people are sharing with their friends, and henceforth what the most popular items on Ebay actually are.  You can choose to view today’s auctions, or the best from the last month. There are some great items up for auction, including some with hilarious descriptions, so it is definitely worth taking a look at.


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