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There is this feeling about infographics. On the one hand we love them, they’re creative, structured and colourful. They make us laugh or shake our heads, they are charming and more often than not we want to forward them to our friends and followers. On the other hand with poor graphic design and too much ‘info’ they can get a bit boring, and on many occasions when scrolling down, you would lose interest very quickly.

The interactive infographic brings much more fun to the table. One very good example is  The State of the Internet, where your attention is captivated by moving facts, diversifying graphics and flexible statistics, all of which in real time. For example, one of the facts it has updating live is ‘new websites’ published per second, among many others including ‘fun facts’ largely about social media.


It gives a brilliant overview of the Internet worldwide. By specifying countries and social media platforms the infographic not only gives details about the Internet it also motivates the user to act, encouraging interactivity. It’s also easier to keep it up to date. Every new click on the infographic reveals another statistical number since the Internet changes every second.

In a similar fashion, The New York Times have released their own interactive infographic called How Many Households Are Like Yours? . Individually the user can input information about their household to compare it with other households across the United States.

Interactive infographics certainly make for a more engaging experience with data.  It will be interesting to see how popular these become. Let us know what you think!


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