New Brand marketing App for Facebook pages

A new app for brands called Storyteller has been created to personalise the use of sponsored stories on Facebook. The app, created by Wildfire (a U.S technology company specialised in developing tools that enable organisations to engage social network users), has been designed to bring in a more authentic vibe, and encourage the creation of more tailored user generated feedback about brands rather than the standard generic sponsored stories, “Joe Bloggs liked the Starbucks UK Page”. This unique content can then be turned into newsfeed stories and ads. The Wildfire Storyteller app therefore enables brands to ask each user for feedback which will then get posted as a newsfeed story to their wall and to their friends newsfeeds, a unique advertising opportunity.

The Wildfire Storyteller app is just available exclusively to Wildfire Social Suite customers, and has extreme potential for driving real, scalable word of mouth. Just take a look below to see what it looks like in action:


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