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The Public ‘Bowlerama’

Even in this digital age, not all social activity happens online! Last night the Public team ventured down to the Bloomsbury Bowling lanes for the annual ‘Bowlerama’ tournament. Make no mistake, this was a seriously competitive arena, friends were lost, bridges were burnt, pizzas were massive, but all in all a cracking team night out.

Viral Videos of the Day

According to the recent survey of Burst Media, 70% of US web users watch online video each week, and the UK internet users spend 240 million hours every month watching online video content as Experian Hitwise just revealed. We can add to this with our top 3 videos of the day:


The Future Vision

We like this – The ‘Productivity Future Vision’ of Microsoft visualizes what could well be happening in a few decades if technology continues to develop at such pace…

The Cat Haz Swagger

Puss in Boots, known from the movie ‘Shrek’, is coming back to the cinemas. Besides the traditional trailer, they’ve made another video which parodies ‘that’ Old Spice commercial!



Social Round-Up

The Twitter Timeline

Last week Twitter quietly launched the new ‘timeline’ feature to a limited number of users. We know Facebook have been very busy in recent times with the changes they have made. However, Twitter’s last redesign is about a year ago. Here are the new changes :

First there are inline conversations. If you click on a person’s tweet a conversation will appear within the timeline. It gives you a better overview of conversations with other Twitter people and remains in the same line.


Similar to Facebook, where you can publish photos among other things, is the inline media. If you click on a tweet, which includes a picture or a video, the media will appear within the timeline as well.


The third change is with the profile lightbox display. When you click on someone’s profile, rather than the appearance of the profile being displayed on the right sidebar an extra box pops up and leaves the background in the shade.

Twitter said it is just a test but so far there haven’t been any complaints about  the new timeline. For the full experience watch Patrick Bisch’s video and have a look at his blog website.

Don’t underestimate StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is cool but almost nobody talks about it. It is a web page search engine that finds and recommends web content, based on people’s interests. After last week’s publication of an infographic by StumbleUpon the image of the discovery engine could change. ‘The life circle of a web page on StumbleUpon’ shows that 2.2m web pages are added to StumbleUpon every month. Traffic referrals are 13% higher than on Facebook, which puts StumbleUpon in first place for social media traffic in the US. Whereas, Twitter and Facebook links have a life time of 2 or 3 hours after publishing, a StumbleUpon link stays alive at least 400 hours. Even if there is no active campaign necessary it is interesting for brands to include StumbleUpon in their projects.

The Online Checkout in Real Life

This is a great viral from Google showing just how important it is for e-commerce stores to improve their checkout tools, otherwise they lose customers. Behind the video, Google recommends its ‘Google Analytics‘ to have a better idea of how consumers interact on their web pages. Watch the video here!